Can we get an honest debate on anything in this country?

I read an interesting article today that says as many as 50,000 industry employees are helping fight back against health care reform.  They are even sending their employees to town hall meeting in order to help sway public opinion.  They are also encouraged to write to their elected representatives.  It is amazing to me that our government like this happen.  Health care should be a natural right for every person in the world, and while that’s not possible right now, an industrialized nation like the U.S. should be able to somehow make this happen – everyone else has.  It seems wrong to me that people are making insane profits off of people’s health, and I see government intervention as the only way to fix this.  However, American’s fear government for some reason, even though it is really one of the only ways for average people to have any say in our capitalist system, since large corporations have many means to influence public policy.

It is clear that these insurance companies want to somehow convince us that they have good intentions.  They say government is bad, and the free market is good.  However, the free market thus far has been an epic failure in regards to health care in this country.  Furthermore, while the insurance companies have agreed to get rid of policies that prevent patients with pre-existing conditions from getting coverage and to stop marking up policies based on things like gender, they are clearly not doing it because they have the American people’s best interest at heart.  The conditions that they have actually agreed to are Congress mandating health insurance coverage for all Americans because it would add tens of millions of new customers.  They want to negotiate the best deal for themselves, and that is understandable.In fact, I recently heard a great interview on NPR, where a Prionceton professor explains how these insurance companies and organizations like the AMA have actuallyl negotiated themselves a pretty good deal so far in regards to helath care reform.  But the fact that they are trying to convince Americans that we have a fair health care system is disingenuous.  Remeber, we are the only industrialized country in the world without some sort of health care for every citizen.

Unfortunately, the strategy of opposing helath care reform because government intervention it is going to be bad for the averageAmericans’ health care working too.  The Wall Street Journal recently published an op-ed how the GOP startegy of principled oppositiopn is winning over independents.  Sorry, but the article should read the GOP strategy of lying and scaring people is winning over independents.  Ideas like Sarah Palin’s death panels the Republicans are espouting are scaring uninformed Americans into voting against their best interest.  The bottom line is that we have the worst health care sytem of anyone in the industrialized world and it is way too expensive.  Plus millions Americans don’t even have any insurance at all.  Just like with the War in Iraq, the Death Tax, and torture, the Republicans are blatantly lying in order to promote an agenda that makes us less safe, less helathy, and contributes to the rediculous distribution of wealth in this country.  Republicans have somehow convinced Americans to once again vote againt their own interests.  In all honesty, if Americans let this happen, then they are getting what they deserve: a government that does not do what’s best for the majority of its citizens.


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