Obama Needs Some of George W. Bush’s skills

When the Bush Administration was selling the Iraq War, anyone who disagreed with him was blasted by conservatives -with a lot of help from FOX News- and said to be unpatriotic.  This was a way of stifling dissent and marginalizing people who thought that the Iraq War might be a bad idea.  George Bush basically took the position of “you elected me, now let me do my job”.  This was infuriating to liberals, but conservatives benefited because their guy got a lot of stuff done the agreed with.  At this time, Republicans weren’t concerned with bipartisanship, mainly because they didn’t have to be.

Now, Democrats are in the same poisition.  Obama can slam stuff down their throat, and there’s not a whole lot they can do about it.  Unfortunately, the Democrats don’t seem to want to do this.  Instead, they have given the Republicans a chance to mobilize and change the direction of the helath care debate with outright lies, such as Death Panels.

News Flash to Democrats:  the Republicans will never work with you.  They are attacking this for just as much of a political victory as an ideological one.  If you can’t pass health care while the Republicans are down and out, you never will.  If they don’t like the bill, tell them too bad.  By trying to win this debate with rational dialogue, you have already lost.  The Republicans don’t have any ideas.  All they have are lies and smear campaigns; they’re grasping for straws.  Unleash the same public relations campaign the Bush Administration did when they wanted to sell the Iraq War.  Otherwise, we’re left with the sad truth that you can sell an illegal war to the American people that will cost trillions of dollars, but you can’t give them health care, even when millions desperately need it.

So Democrats, grow some balls and being willing to be disliked by Republicans and their cronies because they already don’t like you!  I mean, you can’t have John Stewart do all your dirty work.


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