Health care reform

Here is an interesting article on France and the Netherlands’ health care system by Mother Jones, one of my favorite magazines.  My favorite part is this:

“In the course of a few dozen lengthy interviews, not once did I encounter an interview subject who wanted to trade places with an American. And it was easy enough to see why. People in these countries were getting precisely what most Americans say they want: Timely, quality care. Physicians felt free to practice medicine the way they wanted; companies got to concentrate on their lines of business, rather than develop expertise in managing health benefits. But, in contrast with the US, everybody had insurance. The papers weren’t filled with stories of people going bankrupt or skipping medical care because they couldn’t afford to pay their bills. And they did all this while paying substantially less, overall, than we do.”

It still amazes me that we don’t have any form of a public option, despite obvious evidence that our system is terrible.  The onlyobvious explanation to me is that our politicians really don’t care about the peopel they represent.  I know, surprising isn’t it.  Still, it’s hard to feel like we live in a representative democracy with nonsense like this happening.

On a side note, we still have plenty of money to give to Israel – an estimated 20 percent of their defense budget.  This definitely shows what our government thinks is important, and it isn’t the health of its citizens – or the soldiers it claims to love so much.


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